The Kassa family has been a part of the fabric of Detroit since 1929.  For over 80 years they have seen the city’s championships, innovations, and musical achievements.   Mark Kassa has been a professional musician for over 25 years.  Although he never hit the “big time”, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t proud to represent “The D”.  He attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and during the time there he was known as “Dr Detroit” because he always wore a Red Wings, Lions, Pistons or Tigers Jersey to all of his classes and when he played on the main stage.  In 2005 when Detroit was down, he wanted to write a song to lift up the spirits of the city so he penned the song “Welcome to the D”.  This has been the band’s theme song ever since.  They have played shows with many national acts including CCR, Grand Funk Railroad, Tesla, Robin Trower, Rare Earth, and many others and they always close with the theme song…..”Welcome to the D”!.

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Make sure you wear these items with pride because you are representing one of the greatest cities in America!

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